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The Cats of Laughing Thunder in The New Businesses Adventure

The Cats of Laughing Thunder in The New Businesses Adventure

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Follow the adventures of the Cats of Laughing Thunder as they each launch a business to earn money.

Sven starts a cooking show with dishes that are a bit bizarre.

Yolanda builds a robot with serious issues.

Fritz publishes a "How to be Unmannerly" website.

But they face many troubles along the way - from silly adults to stupid teens, from unruly robots to wild weather.

Will they succeed?

Find out in this hilarious children’s book for kids ages 9-12. Reading this book is a fun way to encourage your child to be an entrepreneur!

Read a sample chapter!
In The Cats of Laughing Thunder in The New Businesses Adventure, author S.S. Curtis tells the story of a group of young cats and their entrepreneurial spirit. When the cats decide to start businesses in order to earn money so they can buy candy, the zany antics begin.
Each cat has a distinct set of characteristics and well-defined interests. One cat decides to launch a weather blog, another cat decides to record a cooking show for YouTube, and yet another of the cats would like to build a vocabulary robot. In an interesting twist, although the cats are technologically savvy they still have to weather routine events, such as going to school and dealing with sibling rivalry. In their quest to have successful businesses, they embark on some questionable activities, but it all works out in the end.
This fun chapter book will appeal to young readers with an affinity for cats. The story provides an imaginative look at the many new technology-based business ventures that are increasingly becoming more popular. The illustrations are fun and colorful and bring the story to life.
—The Children’s Book Review (

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