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The Cats of Laughing Thunder in The Nasty Gray Adventure (Copyright 2018)

Follow the adventures of the Cats of Laughing Thunder as they face an attack by Nasty Gray and his evil minions!

Pumpkin invents a new martial art with tailspikes.

Sven builds a trebuchet to launch socks with rocks.

Yolanda creates the stench of one hundred cats.

Fritz flies his blimp during the battle.

But they face many challenges along the way. Will they survive?

Sample Chapter

Chapter 2

Pumpkin and his friends were gathered outside after the meeting.

“I think we should help with the defense of our territory,” said Pumpkin.

“But how?” said Yolanda, a cat with tuxedo markings. “Mayoress BT didn’t assign any of us to patrol duty. She probably thinks we’re too young to be useful. Even though we’d be way more useful than my pest of a big brother Yosh.”

“We need to fight the enemy in every way possible,” replied Pumpkin.

“I could use my weather blimp to spy on that Nasty Gray and his minions,” said Fritz, running a paw through his already tousled gray fur.

“Excellent idea,” said Pumpkin.

“I know my mother would want me to help in the defense of our territory,” said Sven. “Hmmm, remember class last month, when we were studying the Middle Ages? That has caused me to think about building a trebuchet.”

Fritz frowned. “How does that apply here?” he asked.

“I could fill socks with rocks, and then launch them at the enemy with the trebuchet,” said Sven.

“Great idea!” said Pumpkin.

Sven looked down modestly and groomed his brown tabby fur.

“What about you, Pumpkin?” asked Yolanda.

“I’ve invented a new martial art,” said Pumpkin.

“By the Great Cat, what is it?” asked Fritz.

“I strap metal spikes to my tail, then lash my tail about in combination with tae kwon do kicks,” said Pumpkin.

“That sounds super cool! Will you teach us?” said Fritz.

“Sure, let’s meet in the hillside pasture after Cat School,” said Pumpkin.

That afternoon, Pumpkin strapped spikes on each cat’s tail. Soon he had them sparring.

Pumpkin’s grandmother discovered them training, and joined in.

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