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“Measurement is the assignment of a numerical value to an attribute of an object,” according to the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.  Whoa!  So first you need an attribute – length, weight, etc.  Next you need a unit to measure that attribute – unit of length, unit of weight, etc.  So that we can communicate with others, we use standard units of measurement.  We use tools that have these standard units, such as a meter stick.  

Measurement naturally provides for a host of tactile, kinesthetic, hands-on activities for students of all ages.  Provide your students a meter stick and have fun measuring everything in sight.  Cook together and use measuring cups and spoons.  Talk about how many liters of milk are in the carton or milk dish.

Do your students the immense favor of immersing them in the metric system so that they start thinking of everything in terms of metric measurements – it is x kilometers to the store, the car’s gas tank holds y liters, etc.