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The Cats of Laughing Thunder in The New Businesses Adventure (Copyright 2018)

Follow the adventures of the Cats of Laughing Thunder as they each launch a business to earn money.

Sven starts a cooking show with dishes that are a bit bizarre.

Yolanda builds a robot with serious issues.

Fritz publishes a "How to be Unmannerly" website.

But they face many troubles along the way - from silly adults to stupid teens, from unruly robots to wild weather.

Will they succeed?

Sample Chapter

Fritz’s Weather Blog

Wednesday, March 15: Weather Forecast for Josheka Farm, Laughing Thunder County, Minnesota - Mostly clear but cooler with a high of 32 degrees Fahrenheit

Fritz, Pumpkin, Sven, and Yolanda met the following morning.

“Thank the Great Cat it’s teacher-in-service day, so we don’t have Cat School,” said Fritz. “My blimp’s arrived and I need your help.”

“What are we going to do?” asked Pumpkin.

“There’s an ice jam on the Upper Lower River,” said Fritz. “I need to make a video of it for my website.”

The cats climbed aboard the blimp.

“Ready for takeoff!” said Fritz.

Up the blimp went.

“Yolanda, help me with the weather instruments. Sven, steer the blimp. Pumpkin, shoot video,” said Fritz.

Soon they were over the Upper Lower River.

“Wow, look at the flooding upstream!” said Fritz. “Look at the huge chunks of ice on the river banks!”

The cats gazed out the windows at the sight. The ice chunks were at least eight feet tall.

“It’s the Ice Age again!” said Pumpkin.

Sven was so busy looking at the ice that he forgot to steer.

Crunch! Crash! Scrape!

The cats were thrown out of their seats, but Pumpkin managed to keep his camera recording. Fritz pushed himself off the floor. He had a barometer hanging around one ear.

“By the Great Cat, what happened?” asked Fritz.

The cats peered out the windows.

“We appear to be stuck in a giant oak tree,” said Yolanda.

Fritz grabbed the controls. He pushed the control stick forward.  He pushed the control stick backward. He did this three times.

Finally, the blimp pulled free from the tree.

“Sven, your time as pilot is over. I’ll fly us home,” Fritz said.