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About the Author S.S. Curtis

S. S. Curtis grew up on a dairy farm shared with a peak population of fifty-four cats of every color, shape, size, and personality imaginable. When S. S. Curtis had a child of her own, the cat population expanded with the addition of toy cats. All of those cats are her inspiration for the Cats of Laughing Thunder.

Her business experience began when she was five years old and her father gave her a beef calf to raise. Her next business venture as a kid was raising baby pigs with her brother. On the side, she did a little babysitting. After earning B.A., M.B.A., and J.D. degrees, she worked in different capacities in the fields of consumer goods, law, and technology. She is a co-founder of ThinkerBlox, LLC. Her child also started a business at the age of five (making and selling Christmas ornaments), and is now pursuing business adventures in robotics.

S. S. Curtis is the author of the Cats of Laughing Thunder series of fiction and non-fiction books for children. She is also a co-author of "Negotiating and Drafting Software Consulting Agreements" published by Glasser Legal Works.