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  • Pumpkin's Burp Sound Can be Yours!

    Posted on May 30 2018

    Dudes and Dudettes, it’s me, Pumpkin.  If you like burps (and who doesn’t), you’ll want to download my burp sound: Get it now!
  • Time to Review!

    Posted on May 29 2018

    Please help me encourage kids to be entrepreneurs and post a review of "The New Businesses Adventure" to Amazon - Thanks!
  • “The New Businesses Adventure”

    Posted on May 21 2018

    The Cats of Laughing Thunder are pleased to announce that their first book-length adventure will be released in May 2018! Follow the adventures of ...
  • Welcome!

    Posted on April 12 2018

    Welcome to Laughing Thunder, home of the cat friends Fritz, Pumpkin, Sven, and Yolanda!   Fritz loves meteorology and music. Pumpkin loves unmann...