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Yolanda's Soda Can Robot Project

Posted on July 11 2018

Yolanda's Soda Can Robot Project

Hi, it’s me, Yolanda. I was asked to provide a guest post for the blog.  So I’m going to talk about a fun robot project I did recently.

Please have an adult help you with this soda can robot project!


1 empty soda can (rinse out the inside with water, then let the can dry)

1 Green Science Soda Can Robug Kit (

2 AAA batteries


All the parts, except the empty soda can and batteries, come in the kit.  Follow the directions and you will soon have a Soda Can Robug of your own.  This kit was easy to use, and fun to build!


If you have all of the materials and tools in your home, then you may want to try to build a vibrating soda can robot bug from scratch following the do-it-yourself directions on the Instructables site (  Have fun!