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The Children's Book Review of Our Guide for Kids Starting a Business

Posted on September 17 2018

The Children's Book Review of Our Guide for Kids Starting a Business

Age Range: 7-10 years

Hardcover: 79 pages

What to expect: Tips for starting a business, cats, business terminology

In The Cats of Laughing Thunder Guide for Kids Starting a Business, author S.S. Curtis gives readers solid advice on how to turn their ideas into profitable start-up businesses. This companion guide to The Cats of Laughing Thunder series is sure to please cat lovers and entrepreneurs alike.

Each chapter sets out to address a specific aspect of coming up with a business idea. The author asks readers about their interests or talents and how they can use these to solve a problem that would appeal to a potential customer. Once identified, readers can being to formulate their plan--and put their ideas and passions to work. The chapters include quotes from successful businesspeople as well as illustrations that build on the events in S.S. Curtis's first book, The Cats of Laughing Thunder in the New Businesses Adventure.

The guide is chock full of sage advice. By answering very specific questions, readers will be able to address the many aspects of creating a business plan in an easy, yet methodical, way. From marketing options to competitor analysis, S.S. Curtis covers all the intricacies of starting a business in a thorough manner. Young entrepreneurs will quickly be able to determine the costs of setting up their business as well as the potential obstacles they might encounter. A chapter on business terms, such as profit margin, revenue and expenses, and another on government regulations, provides readers with necessary definitions and examples.

This practical and informative guide will appeal to young readers with an affinity for cats and a desire to start their own business.

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