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Sven Teaches Us About Norwegian Forest Cats

Posted on June 25 2018

Sven Teaches Us About Norwegian Forest Cats

It is Sven. Today we are going to speak of the Norwegian Forest Cat, from which I am descended.  

Legend has it that the Vikings found cats in the forests of Scandinavia that they called mountain-dwelling fairy cats or skogkatt. These were the Norwegian Forest Cats.

The Norwegian Forest Cat has two coats of fur to survive the cold winters.  The top coat has long hairs that shed water.  The undercoat is woolly for warmth.  

The Vikings were amazed at how well these cats could climb rocky mountains and tall trees.

The Norse goddess Freya even had a chariot pulled by skogkatt.

The Norwegian Forest Cats were brought to North America long ago.  Today, most cats in North America have some Norwegian Forest Cat genes.