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Fritz's Tips for Tornado Season

Posted on June 22 2018

Fritz's Tips for Tornado Season

Fritz here!  It is tornado season in Laughing Thunder, my favorite time of the year.  

Tornadoes are super exciting, but please get to safety when there is a tornado watch in effect.  If you can go to a basement, do so. Otherwise, go to a windowless interior room.  Definitely stay away from windows. Visit the site for more Tornado Safety Tips. Don’t take any chances!

What is a tornado? A tornado is a fast spinning column of air.  The column of air is in contact with both a cumulonimbus cloud and the ground.  It is rare, but sometimes a cumulus cloud may be involved.

Some people call tornadoes by different names such as cyclones, twisters, or whirlwinds.

Fun Facts: Tornadoes are found in North America, South America, Africa, Australia, and New Zealand.  In the northern hemisphere, tornadoes rotate counterclockwise.  In the southern hemisphere, tornadoes rotate clockwise.

Usually, but not always, a tornado has the shape of a funnel. Here’s one of my favorite photographs of a tornado, showing the classic funnel formation (but not all tornadoes have that formation):