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Be a Quotable Notable

Posted on September 11 2018

Be a Quotable Notable

Have your anonymous quote included in the next nonfiction book by S. S. Curtis, “The Cats of Laughing Thunder Guide for Kids and Money”!

If your quote is included, you will receive a stuffed Sven the Cat, a Nasty Gray t-shirt, and a copy of the book.  

The book is about making, saving, spending, investing, and donating money.

One or two sentence quotes are needed about:  allowances, checking accounts, savings accounts, needs vs. wants, budget, investing in stocks/stock funds, etc.

Here are a couple examples of quotes: 1) Spending: “I found a brand new $350 aquarium at a yard sale for just $15.” 2) Saving: “Working and saving up for something makes me think twice before buying it.”  

Quotes will only be identified by age and state – for example, 9 year old, Florida.

Be sure to get permission from your parents!

Please send your quotes to by September 20.