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Another Sample Chapter: The Cats of Laughing Thunder in The Scottish Invasion

Posted on October 09 2018

Another Sample Chapter: The Cats of Laughing Thunder in The Scottish Invasion

“Why don’t all of you come over to my place?” said Yolanda to Wee Fiona, Fritz, Pumpkin, and Sven. “You can check out the latest version of my Vocab Bot 2. I’ve fixed the succotash bug now.”

“I’ve got to go home,” said Pumpkin with a sour look on his face. He was still madder than a hornet about the foam sword lesson.

The rest of the cats went with Yolanda.

When they arrived at Yolanda’s place, they discovered her brother Yosh and his friend Boris staring at an aquarium.

“By the Great Cat, what are they doing?” said Fritz.

“Oh, Yosh is doing a stupid robotic clam foot experiment,” said Yolanda. “He thinks he’s a roboticist, but he’s not.”

“It’s not stupid,” said Yosh.

“Well, it doesn’t work,” said Yolanda. “I know more about robotics than you ever will.”

“What do you mean it doesn’t work?” said Yosh.

“Just what I said. It’s supposed to stay stuck to the aquarium wall, but it’s floating around,” said Yolanda.

“Just a slight bug,” said Yosh.

“Slight bug? I think not!” said Yolanda. “It’s floating around like a dead fish. It’s the total opposite of a clam.”

Yolanda gave the aquarium a closer look. “What’s wrong with it now? Why’s it so lumpy?”

“A good question,” said Yosh’s friend Boris as he stuffed fifteen lime-flavored chips into his mouth at one time.

“Some of my real clams have anchored on to it,” said Yosh.

“Hah! It’s a complete failure,” said Yolanda.

“Is not!” said Yosh as he charged at Yolanda.

Yolanda dodged away quickly.

Wee Fiona pulled a small wooden practice sword out of her plaid shawl and poked it into Yosh’s chest.

“Halt ye grait fool! Yer attitude fair scunners me,” said Wee Fiona.

“And it reeks in here. Open a windae,” she added.

“Aaiiee,” said Yosh as he tiptoed backwards from the wooden sword.

“Ouch,” said Yosh with surprise. He looked down to find a crab biting his paw. Dozens of crabs were crawling about on the floor.

“How did they get free?” said Yosh as he shook the crab loose from his paw.

“You told me to feed them,” said Boris. “I felt sorry for them shut up in that aquarium, so I let them out. They seem to like lime-flavored chips.”

Yolanda and her friends began to laugh.

“By the Great Cat, you better help me round them up!” said Yosh.

“Ach, disgraceful. I ken ye be a zoomer who canna even manage a wee batch of crabbies,” said Wee Fiona.